Welcome to my Psychotherapy Practice

As your therapist, I approach your inner world with respect, caution, appreciation and empathic understanding. The process involves us working together to find solutions for your problems as well as to activate and support your own resources. My clients benefit from my pedagogical experience, research and diverse personal and intercultural experiences.



Psychotherapy can be useful for the following topics or related questions:

  • Depression

  • Relationships

  • Eating Disorders

  • Trauma
  • BIPOC topics
  • Migration
  • Identity and Purpose
  • Anxiety and Panic attacks

  • Stress and Burnout-Syndrome

  • Intercultural Counseling  

  • Grief and bereavement
  • Religion and Spirituality

I also offer the following services:
  • Psycho-education 
  • Supervision
  • Seminars
  • Group Therapy / Support Group

    I look forward to walking with you through your unique experiences and challenges to find healing and restoration.